In addition to lowering the cost of automotive assembly, TAPTITE PRO® fasteners are green, yes green! “Green”, in this context, is defined as good for the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. TAPTITE PRO® fasteners are green because they can make a meaningful contribution to energy reduction and resource conservation.

Most automobiles, trucks, buses, or other vehicles, whether ICE or electric powered, are constructed of steel, aluminum and plastic components joined together with fasteners. The engine power required to propel these vehicles is a function of a vehicle’s gross weight and its performance expectations. A lighter vehicle requires less power, less fuel and fewer harmful CO2 emissions being spewed into the atmosphere. In addition, if a vehicle can be produced with less raw material content, those resources are also conserved.

How do TAPTITE PRO® thread-rolling fasteners save fuel and raw materials? They form the threads in unthreaded nuts, whether drilled, punched or cored and consequently create several benefits -

  • No Nut Tapping Operation - There is no need to invest capital for a tapping station and tooling, no associated factory footprint and less electrical energy required to power this equipment.
  • No Chips Generated - Cutting threads in nut members creates metal chips and debris, which must be collected and safely discarded.
  • No Tapping Lubricants and Cleaning Fluids - Another cost savings and disposal headache eliminated.
  • No Traditional Nuts in Many Applications - TAPTITE PRO® fasteners are commonly driven directly into the component material, eliminating the traditional nut, its cost and added weight. Automotive exhaust attachments to truck frames and EV battery box joints are typical applications saving material, reducing weight and cost.
  • No Adhesives or Patches - TAPTITE PRO® fasteners, when seated, with their patented thread form inherently reduce vibrational loosening, eliminating the need for these added materials plus no outsourcing and its related scheduling and costs.
  • No Stripping of Internal Threads - TAPTITE PRO® fasteners will break before stripping nut members, which would require expensive rework and delay.
  • No Cross Threading - TAPTITE PRO® fasteners do not cross-thread, so rework, repair and assembly line downtime is eliminated.
  • Weight Reduction - Utilizing TAPTITE PRO® fasteners, whether driven into steel or aluminum components, can lower assembly weight, which in turn reduces engine power requirements and related emissions.

Considering all these advantages, multiplied by the tens of millions of vehicles produced annually, TAPTITE PRO® fasteners are making a significant contribution to environmental preservation and raw material conservation. Most ICE or electric powered vehicles utilize an average of 2500 fasteners, of which a fair proportion can be TAPTITE PRO® thread formers. The advantages outlined above, in terms of reduced CO2 generation, raw material savings and waste disposal elimination add up to be very significant when measured on a global scale. As evidenced here, TAPTITE PRO® fasteners help reduce our carbon footprint and are truly “green”. Specifying their use in your next assembly project will help meet your responsibility to help protect our environment.