The industry changing TRILOBULAR® shaped thread forming fastener. No tapping required.

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We're amped!

TAPTITE® fasteners are part of the future in electric vehicle technology.

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A TRILOBULAR® screw with optimal vibration resistance.

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Cutting Costs

TAPTITE® fasteners improve product performance and save manufacturing costs.

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Perfect for Aluminum

Fasteners optimized for light alloy castings

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Stay Grounded.

Automakers choose TAPTITE® screws for electrical grounding applications.

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A fastener designed for the most demanding plastics applications.

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High Performance Electrical Grounding

Setting the benchmark for grounding fasteners.

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Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. (REMINC) and its sister company, CONTI Fasteners AG, have been leading technical innovations in fastener design for over 50 years. Our thread forming, vibration resistant fasteners eliminate material and labor costs such as tapping, washers, nuts, locking adhesives, and other manufacturing components and processes.

Review our checklist of the 54 ways that REMINC / CONTI fasteners save on costs, and learn how to incorporate our fasteners into your own manufacturing workflow.

Remform Powerlok Taptite


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<p>Learn more about our business model of lowering the cost of assembly. This approach has long provided our customers with reduced costs through innovative product design that eliminates needless manufacturing steps.</p>

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Laurie Mandly

Chairman & CEO

Tim Egan


Ed Hebert

Vice President of Innovation and Technology

Don Fosmoen

Director of Engineering

Beth Rondeau

Director of Financial and HR Administration

John Reynolds

Manager - Fastener Engineering

Ben Fosmoen

Manager - Manufacturing Engineering

Chaeeun "Elizabeth" Kim

Mechanical Engineer

Cole Selby

Associate Engineer - Manufacturing

Gabriel Pagán

Lab Technician

Suzanne Lilly

Administrator - Intellectual Property

Kelli Russ

Executive Assistant

Ralph Barton

Staff Associate

Dennis Boyer

Staff Associate

Ken Gomes

Staff Associate

CONTI Fasteners AG Staff

Matthias Jokisch

Director, Market Development

Lei Ji Su

Independent Representative - China

Mat Hara

Independent Representative - Japan

Sylvia Perotto

Executive Assistant

Sebastian Schlegel

Independent Representative - Europe

Jairam Shewani

Independent Representative - India

Jin-Bon (Joseph) Koo

Independent Representative - Korea

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