Introducing the Parabolic Profile™ Thread Form

TAPTITE PRO® thread forming screws advance current thread forming technology with the development of the Parabolic Profile™ thread form. The innovative new thread form, when combined with the proven TRILOBULAR® cross section, provides low thread forming torque, excellent resistance to vibrational loosening along with high axial pullout and reduced overall cost of assembly. In addition to these great benefits, TAPTITE PRO® screws maintain torque tension relationships comparable to machine screws of equivalent size. TAPTITE PRO® fasteners also provide an improved failure mode; as a result of over-tightening in standard lengths of engagement, the screw will fracture within the screw threads.

This preferred failure mode greatly reduces the risk of costly assembly line repairs and scrap due to stripping nut members or castings, along with the associated waste due to line downtime. This is an important design improvement, effective in both steel and soft white metal applications, ensuring a continued savings on a wide range of your current and future fastened joints.

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