Taptite radius profile thread

TAPTITE 2000® thread forming technology joined two unique concepts and advanced fastener performance to new levels. TAPTITE 2000® fasteners afford end-users with enhanced opportunities to reduce the overall Cost of Assembly.

TAPTITE 2000® fasteners introduced an innovative new thread design - the Radius Profile™ Thread. The proven TRILOBULAR® principle is maintained with a dual lobularity in the screw body, while incorporating the Radius Profile™ Thread.

Some advancements introduced by TAPTITE 2000® include:

  • Ergonomically Friendly - less torque required to thread form and fasten
  • Assembly Friendly
  • Superior Vibration Resistance
  • Excellent Axial Alignment
  • Low End Load
  • High Strip-to-Drive Ratio
  • High Prevailing Torque
  • Excellent Torque Tension Relationship
Taptite F150 box bolt

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