The PUSHTITE® II™ fastener reduces assembly time and provides good serviceability.  The PUSHTITE® II™ assembly process is accomplished by a simple press-in operation.  

The PUSHTITE® II™ fastener’s locking grooves are helical and it’s this helical thread form which also allows PUSHTITE® II™ fasteners to be easily removed and reinserted if necessary, thus providing serviceability. 

The helical thread form, combined with a TRILOBULAR® cross-sectional design, allows displaced air to escape during installation.  The hydraulic (boss-bursting) effect on the workpiece is minimized.  The combination of the PUSHTITE® II™ fastener’s 70°-10° semi-buttress thread shape and TRILOBULAR® thread form assures both easy entry and enormous pull-out resistance.  In some plastics, this anti-pull-out strength increases with set time.

PUSHTITE® II™ fasteners are installed using axial force, thus eliminating driving torque and all torque-related problems.  You simply push PUSHTITE® II™ TRILOBULAR® thread-forming fasteners into recommended hole sizes with one straight line stroke.  Inserted manually, or by ultrasonic assembly, they go in faster than any screws inserted by rotational drive systems. 

PUSHTITE® II™ fasteners are normally available with a drive system in the head for removal, adjustment or final tightening.  Where adjustment or removal is not required, they are available without slot, recess or socket in the head.  PUSHTITE® II™ fasteners also adapt to standard hole sizes for thread forming screws, so hole size change is unnecessary in most cases.  Since fasteners are manufactured to nominal O.D. dimensions, standard clearance holes are suitable.