The most prominent advantage of TAPTITE® Screws is that they eliminate the need for tapping. This results in saving all the avoidable costs associated with tapping and can result in dramatic cost savings related to assembly.

By eliminating the need for tapping, TAPTITE® Screws help to eliminate such costs as: Nuts, Lock washers, Adhesives, Patches, Drilling, Tapping, Hand starting, cleaning, inventory management, Pat count, gauges and more. For a full list, please review out “54 ways that REMINC | CONTI Fasteners save on costs.

In addition to saving costs, there are also six by-product advantages that add substantially to the total cost savings of using TAPTITE® Screws. Some of examples of these savings include:

  1. Reducing cam-out. Due to the fact that TAPTITE® Screws are hardened, there is a significant reduction in the chance of cam-out. A problem often found with unhardened machine screws.
  2. A complete elimination of cross threading into already tapped pieces.
  3. A complete elimination of maintenance of class of fit on assemblies.
  4. Allows current tapping equipment to be used for other jobs.
  5. Eliminates capital expenditures for new tapping equipment.
  6. High prevailing off-torque eliminating the need for lockwashers and such.

When combined and implemented, TAPTITE® Screws can meaningfully impact the cost of assembly, drive down costs and increase profit margin.

To see how various industries are using TAPTITE® Screws check out a list of real world applications here.