At REMINC/CONTI, we have been following the rapid development of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. The traditional automakers and startup EV-only producers are ac up production faster than many had predicted.

Many fastener joints in EVs require grounding. REMINC/CONTI products inherently provide effective grounding that far exceeds the grounding capabilities of standard machine screw-and-nut assemblies.

TAPTITE® PRO™ screws form an internal thread upon assembly in a nut member, providing a "hand-in-glove" fit or metal-to-metal contact, creating efficient grounding, prevailing torque, and a vibration-resistant joint.

Machine screws, with adhesive applied, may not provide dependable resistance to vibrational loosening. Further, the metal-to-metal joint contact of TAPTITE PRO® thread-forming screws provides a highly-conductive grounding contact.

Major established auto assemblers have long experienced the cost-saving benefits of TAPTITE® products by eliminating the need to pre-tap holes in internal combustion engine-powered (ICE) vehicles. Not surprisingly, we are seeing TAPTITE® products used in EVs due to the lessons learned from their prior experience.

New EV makers, designing and assembling their vehicles, can shorten their learning curve by studying the successful use of TAPTITE® products in traditional ICE applications. Seating, restraint systems, and numerous interior, body, chassis, suspension, and brake applications in ICEs equally apply to EVs.

In EVs, there are additional applications for TAPTITE® fasteners- the battery box assembly, inverter, and gearbox, for example. REMINC/CONTI and our licensees can provide valuable assistance to EV manufacturers in these scenarios.

In cases where a TAPTITE® thread rolling screw is not an appropriate design, a POWERLOK® II™ screw may be the preferred alternative. POWERLOK® II™ all-metal locking screws provide positive metal-to-metal contact and effective resistance to vibrational loosening in pre-threaded holes.

We are already seeing that REMINC and CONTI fasteners are providing the following benefits to the EV industry:

-Excellent Grounding

-Resistance to Vibrational Loosening

-Prevailing Torque

-In-Place Cost Savings

Contact us if you are seeking fastener application suggestions or solutions for an Electric Vehicle.