Most prominent manufacturers and end-users have multiple locations on a regional or global scale and consequently have wide-ranging requirements. However, in many cases these manufacturers are assembling nearly identical platforms or models requiring identical fasteners. These companies generally demand not only local but also multiple sourcing options from qualified fastener manufacturers. Meeting this need is where our licensing program excels. In all major geographic markets, we have established authorized licensees that have the capacity to meet these local requirements with our range of TAPTITE® and REMFORM® thread-forming fasteners. We currently have 72 licensees with more than 150 fastener manufacturing locations supported by authorized tooling suppliers and induction-hardening processors. Most of our licensees offer a full range of our fastener designs. Whether produced in North America, Europe or Asia, all these products are made to the same technical specifications, assuring consistent assembly line performance. It is also important to note that all our fastener designs are protected by registered trademarks and many by active patents.

We have a support staff based on three continents that regularly travel to licensee and end-user locations and are available on reasonable notice to service visit requests. In addition, the staff are available to educate and train our licensees in the production of our complete product range, with hands-on manufacturing assistance, to assure adherence to our technical specifications. Each licensee regularly has its products audited by REMINC to ensure quality compliance. Our education-training center and application laboratory at REMINC are ready to conduct seminars for individuals or groups focusing on marketing, application engineering, manufacturing, tooling and problem solving or whatever your specific needs might be. When on-site visits are not convenient, we can schedule video conferencing sessions to accomplish the same objectives.

Our licensees, without exception, are leaders supplying the automotive, electronics and appliance industries globally. Our website shows the locations of these facilities covering most of industrialized world. Our licensees are well-versed in our technology, trained by our staff and regularly producing our licensed fasteners made to our technical standards. These producers constitute a broad-based capability providing assemblers quality products and consistent high-level performance. In your search for high-performance thread-forming fasteners, contact us at