A lot of time has passed since we first wrote about the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EVs), and we expect this transition from Internal Combustion Engine-Powered autos and light trucks (ICEs) to EVs will not only continue but accelerate in time. Stricter governmental C02 emission limits, increased fuel efficiency requirements, inviting tax incentives, combined with many new EV offerings are paving the road for an EV future. Even though the vast majority of new vehicles sold are still ICE powered, EV adoption is growing. In 2022 BEV (battery powered) and PHEV (plug-in battery powered) passenger car sales grew to almost 6% of total light vehicle sales in the U.S., 25% in China and 20% in Europe. Some current forecasts suggest that by 2025, global EV sales will be in the 20-25% range, up from 10% in 2022. Many potential EV buyers harbor hesitancy because of high EV pricing, a limited number of convenient charging stations, charger availability, lengthy charging times and driving ranges below 300 miles. However, we believe that these drawbacks will be minimized as EV technology progresses and the charging infrastructure expands.

It’s time to pro-actively pursue applications for our range of thread-forming and thread-locking fasteners on the variety of BEV and PHEV models now being designed, developed, and assembled. Many of our licensees are currently producing substantial quantities of TAPTITE PRO® and POWERLOK® II™ fasteners for a variety of EV applications. EV production has become a very active and rapidly growing market.

All the EV’s typical components: motor(s), gearbox, differential, cooling system, inverter, battery box assembly, body, chassis, suspension, brakes, and interior incorporate fasteners in their design, and we have the perfect products to assemble these elements. Our fasteners work well in both steel and aluminum alloy. TAPTITE PRO® screws provide good vibrational resistance; POWERLOK® II™ bolts have excellent grounding qualities; and both fasteners reduce assembly weight. How do they do it?

TAPTITE PRO® fasteners are an advance in thread-forming technology. Their innovative Parabolic Profile™ thread form and distinctive cross section provide good axial alignment, low thread-forming torque, plus resistance to vibrational loosening and axial pullout. Their hand-to-glove fit offers excellent electrical grounding qualities, especially important in EVs. TAPTITE PRO® fastener’s unique thread design features a predictable failure mode, fastener fracture within the screw threads, eliminating costly nut-member repairs or replacement. This is particularly important as many leading OEMs are using more cast aluminum, where stripping a hole in a casting can have significant cost implications.

When thread-forming screws are not an option, and reliable and secure locking are requirements, POWERLOK® II™ fasteners with their Dual-Angle™ thread form are the ideal fastener choice. Their unique thread form provides exceptional vibrational loosening resistance through the creation of physical interference in the root of the threaded nut. This interference eliminates the need for expensive physical and chemical locking solutions, like patches and adhesives. POWERLOK® II™ fasteners’ locking feature is rolled-in during the thread-rolling process, eliminating alternative solutions that require costly secondary operations and/or out-sourcing. Additionally, POWERLOK® II™ fasteners’ metal-to-metal contact offers excellent grounding qualities. 1

Both TAPTITE PRO® and POWERLOK® II™ fasteners save weight by eliminating washers and nuts and will reduce the cost-of-assembly wherever employed. Millions are driven every day globally in thousands of automotive applications, providing all the performance benefits outlined above, while saving assemblers both time and money. When developing your strategy to get emerging EV model applications, be sure to consider TAPTITE PRO® thread-forming fasteners and POWERLOK® II ™ thread-locking fasteners, two perfect solutions.

[1] For a copy of an independent lab test showing the grounding performance of both TAPTITE PRO® thread-forming fasteners and POWERLOK® II™ thread-locking fasteners versus machine screws, please e-mail reminc@reminc.net.