The Importance of Training

The REMINC/CONTI family of thread-forming fasteners provides many performance and cost-savings advantages over conventional machine screws and metric fasteners. However, knowledge of our proprietary thread-forming technology is essential to the successful application engineering and marketing of our family of TAPTITE®, POWERLOK®, and REMFORM® products.

Licensees and End-Users of TAPTITE®, POWERLOK®, and REMFORM® fasteners must be able to:

(1) identify potential applications for our fasteners

(2) specify the most appropriate product design for the application site

(3) develop convincing performance data through extensive testing that affirms the proposed application

(4) prove that the application will lower the cost of assembly

(5) produce the fasteners to implement the solution.

This detailed and deliberate procedure requires the input of educated and experienced professionals competent in thread-forming fastener technology. Our training team has the expertise to empower your team with an understanding of our complete product range and capabilities.

Our Goal: Face-to-Face, Hands-On Training

As the developer and licensor of several proprietary fastener designs, REMINC/CONTI continually strive to expand its application engineering activities and make its training facility available to as many licensees and fastener end-users as possible. From experience, we know that being proactive with application engineering is critical to success.

Training Activities

We assume the responsibility for educating our “army” of licensees by providing a no-charge comprehensive training program. Our globally-positioned REMINC/CONTI professionals can conduct educational training worldwide. Our experienced team delivers product training at REMINC’s laboratory-conference center in Rhode Island, at CONTI’s facility in Switzerland, or individual licensee locations anywhere in the world. Training consists of lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on learning opportunities. All attendees learn when and how to use TAPTITE® PRO™, POWERLOK® II, and REMFORM® screws. Attendees of our training seminars will not only learn to identify potential licensed-product applications but also how to substantiate the case for documented cost savings. We know from experience that assemblers have no interest in adopting a new fastener design unless it provides bona fide cost savings or performance advantages, and our fasteners deliver both. Our training seminars offer licensees and end-users the theory, practice, and hands-on testing knowledge to confidently employ our products in countless applications.

Typical seminars take place over 2-3 days, but this timeframe will flex to meet the audience’s needs. Our staff can focus on basic thread-forming technology, one or more specific product designs, application-engineering fundamentals, marketing techniques, manufacturing methods, tooling requirements, or quality assurance. On-site training allows staff to provide hands-on training and manufacturing education directly on the factory floor. While our training team is flexible and can generally accommodate your schedule of availability and needs at your preferred location, the best educational venue is the REMINC Fastener Laboratory in Middletown, Rhode Island. This fully-equipped facility has the training space and sophisticated equipment to provide a comprehensive educational experience. Education is paramount to success, and REMINC/CONTI takes this challenge seriously. Call upon us to help solve your problems. We have the answers!