There's always someone cheaper, but at what ultimate cost? Occasionally, a manufacturer will consider substituting genuine TRILOBULAR® or REMFORM® fasteners with look-alike copy products, naïvely thinking they can save a few pennies on the cost of the overall joint assembly. Making such an assumption is inaccurate and fraught with potential problems. Generic parts lack the consistent quality, performance, and technical support that only a genuine licensed product can deliver.

Don't be misled by the myth that cheap fasteners will cut assembly costs. The actual fastener usually comprises only about 15% of overall assembly costs. The remaining 85% of assembly costs involve:

  • Preparing the hole.
  • Tapping threads.
  • Cleaning the part.
  • Applying the locking compound.
  • Driving the screw.
  • Other related operator and overhead expenses.

Distinct differences exist between a genuine licensed fastener and a copy. All genuine trademarked TAPTITE®, POWERLOK®, and REMFORM® screws are produced only by authorized REMINC/CONTI licensees. These licensees use confidential technical manufacturing information to ensure consistent fastener quality and performance. Our partners are privy to design specifications, application data, and the specialized engineering expertise that REMINC and CONTI provide. With this knowledge, licensees can propose the fastener design most suitable for a particular assembly application. Remember that every genuine TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® fastener is application specific, and the underlying engineering is not trivial.

Non-licensed manufacturers are ill-prepared to approximate a genuine product as they have to reverse-engineer or match the tooling required to produce a particular fastener design. Licensed manufacturers procure tools from authorized sources that give strict attention to proprietary dimensional tolerance. Manufacturers cannot make genuine products without this confidential know-how. REMINC/CONTI staff also provide on-site technical and manufacturing support upon request. Our expertise ensures that our licensees produce fasteners within dimensional and performance specifications.

The REMINC/CONTI focus on quality also extends to a comprehensive part auditing procedure. Licensees are required to submit parts samples for quality inspection routinely. These samples are checked for all critical dimensional and physical properties, then driven into unthreaded nuts to check various performance metrics. REMINC reports any observed deviations from specifications to the licensee and takes immediate steps to ensure product compliance. REMINC sends Quality Conformance Certifications to licensees whose samples meet all technical requirements. This comprehensive process assures that all genuine TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® fasteners, produced by licensees globally, will be uniform in design and provide excellent, consistent performance on the assembly line.

By using genuine trademarked TAPTITE®, POWERLOK®, and REMFORM® fasteners, manufacturers can be sure they are providing the quality, consistency, and performance that delivers actual cost savings!