Focused on Product Quality

Product quality is the foundation upon which our logo “Leaders Lowering the Cost of Assembly” is based. Our thread forming fasteners positively have to function as designed, 100% of the time, without exception. Every TAPTITE® and REMFORM® screw or bolt validates its worth when it is driven into an untapped nut member, forming perfect threads and creating a joint that will reliably resist vibrational loosening. TAPTITE® and REMFORM® fasteners, in a variety of application-specific designs, are available from dozens of authorized manufacturers globally. These products, despite being produced in different locations, are all manufactured to our specifications. It is however important to specify and procure only Genuine Trademarked fasteners. Doing this ensures you are obtaining the degree of quality your application requires, guarding against unauthorized copies that may not perform as expected. We have a well established quality control program, implemented by our lab staff at REMINC to provide this performance assurance to end-users.

As an integral component of our quality control program, all REMINC licensees are periodically audited for quality, to verify the licensed products being produced and sold are in strict conformance with our technical specifications. Each licensee is requested to submit a sufficient number of randomly selected fasteners or production tools to be properly checked for material, dimensional compliance, hardness and workmanship, plus tested for drivability and functionality. In each category, a REMINC engineer measures the submitted samples against the specifications in our Confidential Technical Manuals. Once inspection and testing are completed, a report is sent to the licensee stating whether or not the samples are within specification. If not, the discrepancy is identified and licensee is advised what must be corrected and that further sample submission is necessary. This process continues until we are satisfied the products being offered to end-users are fully compliant with our specifications and worthy of bearing our registered trademarks. Upon successful completion of the quality audit, the licensee receives a Quality Certificate indicating it is a certified authorized producer of the specific licensed product(s).

Our auditing process is an important component of the licensing program that assures REMINC and the licensee that all trademarked products are within technical conformance. It also ensures end-users receive acceptable functional parts when ordered as trademarked fasteners from any authorized licensee. This quality assurance of TAPTITE® and REMFORM® fasteners allows REMINC to confidently state we are “Leaders Lowering the Cost of Assembly.”