The 2020-2022 pandemic has materially altered supply chains in most industries, and we find that our licensees and fastener end-users are continually dealing with its challenges. Assemblers are scrambling to minimize delay and disruption to their production schedules by implementing several strategies- “near-shoring” or sourcing from domestic manufacturers, developing backup inventories, prioritizing demand, and taking other creative steps to remain competitive. These companies are often assembling similar products in several countries requiring identical fasteners, and they generally require local as well as multiple sourcing from qualified suppliers. The REMINC/CONTI TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® Licensing Program is providing one solution to minimize these supply chain delays and disruptions.

We have 75 experienced licensees, with facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, authorized to make and sell our proprietary fasteners. Our licensees are not only meeting regional product demands but also actively developing new cost-saving assembly applications. In addition to having “boots on the ground”, our licensees utilize our Confidential Technical Information to produce fasteners of high and uniform quality in compliance with our Quality Certification procedure, assuring consistent fastener performance. REMINC/CONTI staff members and representatives, strategically stationed globally, are regularly conducting on-site training sessions, offering marketing, application engineering and manufacturing support to licensees and end-users.

The net result of our collective activities and support is the assurance to assemblers that by using our TAPTITE® or REMFORM® designs they will be able to source genuine trademarked fasteners with confidence from authorized licensed producers world-wide. Our Licensing Program is an active multi-faceted operation, one that is helping many companies meet today’s supply chain challenges.