REMINC/CONTI has a company policy which ensures our licensing program remains supportive to our authorized manufacturers and end-user customers. TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® technology is our core focus and our staff spend a great deal of time educating licensees, end-users and prospective end-users in the benefits derived from utilizing this technology. In addition, we offer manufacturing assistance for our products and show end-users how to apply them. We conduct this education and training at our REMINC facility, at the CONTI office or at remote locations, whichever is most convenient for seminar participants. Our training sessions and presentations are enhanced with videos, slides, graphs and drawings, as well as application examples and product samples. All this activity comprises two components of our communication effort, speaking and listening.

We also stay connected to the assembly industry and listen carefully as doing so is equally important. We know that assembly challenges are constantly presented as problems arise and new design offerings enter the manufacturing process. We are always asking licensees and end-users what they are thinking and how we can be of assistance, because our focus is to address problems and solve them, often simply by utilizing our thread forming fasteners. Here are a few typical questions regularly asked of our staff by phone and email.

What fastener would you recommend for this (named) application? How can we determine whether your suggestion will work satisfactorily? Do you have a thread former that works well in HSLA steel? Can TAPTITE® screws be driven into plain-cored holes in an aluminum alloy casting? Is there any way to reduce fastener weight? How can we improve our tool life? In this (named) application, what can be done to lower drive torque and raise failure torque? How does the clamp load of a TRILOBULAR® screw compare with that of a machine/metric screw? Have you had any successful applications in EV assembly? Do you offer a product that will assure good electrical grounding? Do you offer a fastener that can eliminate vibrational loosening? Is there a better way to promote TRILOBULAR® fastener technology? What is the most effective way to demonstrate assembly cost-savings? What capabilities should we have in our application engineering laboratory?

In order to deal with specific questions about your applications, simply pick up the phone or send an email. Our phones are always answered by a staff member and you will be directed to someone who is qualified to answer your questions. Email requests are monitored on a timely basis and you can expect a prompt reply. Several staff members regularly travel to licensee and end-user sites in order to have face-to-face discussions. Every year our staff visit and speak with hundreds of prospective end-users and licensees about our products and how they can provide assembly solutions. This in-person travel is perhaps the most effective technique to maintain good communication, but other methods, including Zoom®, phone, email, fax, product announcements, technical manual updates and our website are regularly employed.

We are anxious and interested to hear your questions, listen to your suggestions, proposals and ideas. Our goal is to help your organization solve a problem by offering a solution. So, contact us and let us know what is on your mind. We will be listening! Only then can we respond.