Here at REMINC, we have been studying the rapid development of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. The traditional automakers, as well as startup "EV only" producers are ramping up and producing faster than many had predicted.

Many joints in EVs require grounding. REMINC products inherently provide effective grounding that far exceeds the grounding capabilities of standard machine screw-and-nut assemblies.

TAPTITE® PRO™ screws form an internal thread upon assembly with the nut member. The joint provides a "hand-in-glove" fit that ensures meal-to-metal contact, creating efficient grounding. This is further enhanced by the subtle out-of-round of the TAPTITE® Pro™ screw thread body, which provides nearly 360° contact. The subtle out-of-round additionally ensures prevailing torque, which creates a vibration-resistant joint.

Machine screws, with adhesive applied, cannot provide dependable residence to vibrational loosening or the metal-to-metal, highly conductive joint that can be achieved using TAPTITE® Pro™ screws.

Major auto assemblers have long experienced the benefit of TAPTITE® products, as well as the in-place cost-savings resulting by eliminating the need to pre-tap holes. Therefore, we expect use of TAPTITE® products will continue in EVs due to the lessons learned from decades of good results building internal combustion engine-powered vehicles.

Newer companies, now undertaking the design and assembly of EV's, can avoid a learning curve by understanding the successful use of TAPTITE® products in traditional applications. Seating, seat belt attachments, and numerous other interior and chassis applications in convention vehicles apply equally to EVs.

REMINC and our licensees can pass on the lessons learned from decades of success using TAPTITE® products in internal combustion engine-powered vehicles. There are many new technologies required to design and build the EVs of the future. New EV companies should focus their resources on the new technologies and apply the know and proven assembly methods used for years in conventional vehicle assembly. This is where REMINC and our licensees can. provide valuable assistance to EV companies.

When the use of a TAPTITE® thread rolling screw is not the appropriate design, POWERLOK® II™ screws may be the better alternative. POWERLOK® II™ all-metal locking screws are designed to be used in pre-threaded holes. POWERLOK® II™ screws also provide positive metal-to-metal contact and effective resistance to vibrational loosening.

We are confident that REMINC product design will provide the following benefits to the EV industry:

  1. Vibrational-loosening resistance
  2. Prevailing torque
  3. Inherent grounding capabilities
  4. In-place cost-savings