Battery Electric Vehicles, or BEVs, are growing the fastest among all the global vehicle sectors. According to the US Bureau of Statistics, BEVs will account for 40% - 50% of new vehicle sales in the United States by 2030. While that seems far away, the future is happening now. In 2022, 79.3% of all new vehicles sold in Norway were BEVs.

One of the most significant adoption issues the EV industry faces is the development of a robust charging infrastructure. A successful rollout of an EV charging network will require extensive investment and production of electric vehicle charging stations. Estimates predict the US will need 2.4 million chargers in public spaces alone. Suppose Americans only replace a fraction of the approximately 290 million ICE vehicles currently in service with new EVs. If so, the US will need tens of millions of electric chargers to support the home-charging market. Charging station manufacturers will need to balance cost against robust durability in the service life of their products.

REMINC developed TAPTITE PRO® and REMFORM® II thread-forming screws to improve performance and cost savings. These products reduce the number of components, eliminate process steps, and minimize manufacturing issues.

How REMFORM® II™ thread-forming fasteners aid in Electric Vehicle Charging Production.

REMINC designed REMFORM® II™ thread-forming fasteners for common engineered plastics like ABS, Nylon/polyamides, PET, and similar polymers. Engineered to avoid any stress concentrations in polymers while forming threads directly into plastics, the asymmetric Radius Flank™ thread form of REMFORM ® II™ screws minimizes the possibility of crack propagation and boss bursting of the plastic housing. The resulting joint is solid and reliable, eliminating the need for any additional threaded inserts in the component.

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How TAPTITE® thread-forming fasteners aid in Electric Vehicle Charging Production.

TAPTITE® thread-forming fasteners are the recognized global market leader in thread-rolling fasteners for automotive, electronics, construction, and industrial applications. TAPTITE® screws have delivered performance and cost-savings in metal applications for over 50 years. One of the most common materials used in the housing of Electric Vehicle charging hardware is aluminum, and TAPTITE® fasteners perform exceptionally well in both cast and extruded aluminum applications.

TAPTITE® fasteners create their own threads in a cast, cored or drilled hole, eliminating the need to lubricate and tap threads and remove debris. The TAPTITE® process eliminates all labor and parts costs associated with tapping holes, reducing upwards of 85% of assembly costs associated with the assembly of the joint. This remarkable cost-saving opportunity comes alongside manufacturing improvements, as the TAPTITE® process eliminates external nuts and the potential of cross-threading the assembled joint. The unique TRILOBULAR® cross-section of a TAPTITE® screw delivers vibration resistance far superior to a machine screw with a conventional circular cross-section. Again, the manufacturer enjoys more cost reductions by eliminating all thread-locking compounds and patches from the assembly process: fewer parts, fewer repairs, and greater profits.

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Electric vehicles represent the future of the global automotive and mobility markets. Already commonly used in the manufacture of the EVs themselves, TAPTITE® and REMFORM® thread-forming fasteners present enormous opportunities to those manufacturers that will define the future of the BEV charging infrastructure.

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