REMINC & CONTI continually reinvest revenue in the licensing program to benefit end-users and licensees. Most recently, the REMINC/CONTI upgraded their Application Engineering Laboratory to expand the capability to test, analyze, and prototype thread-forming fasteners for metals and plastics. The REMINC/CONTI Fastener Lab supports the development of new and improved proprietary fastener designs and assists end-users and licensees in applying these products to their designs. Our business partners are always welcome to arrange time in the lab to conduct hands-on testing or receive in-person training. This lab provides our partners with the tools to explore new application opportunities with existing or newly developed designs, solve assembly problems, and troubleshoot manufacturing assembly issues.

Recent additions and upgrades to the REMINC/CONTI laboratory include:

Vibration Master J122 & Test Bench- To test fastener vibrational resistance, i.e., the thread-loosening behavior of a fastener under transverse-loading conditions.

MTS Exceed E45 Tensile Tester- Coupled with the MTS software, this unit will measure the tensile strength, yield strength, and ductility of fasteners up to size M20.

LabMaster Pro 3200- The new LabMaster provides a complete torque-tension test system, including software, rotary torque-angle transducers, and a 300KN capacity torque-tension load cell for larger fastener sizes.

Advanced Contour Tracer Measuring System- to accurately analyze physical characteristics of thread form details and diagnose manufacturing issues that can compromise part precision

MicroControl Torque-Angle Transducer with Ultrasonic Pickup- To precisely measure torque, angle, and ultrasonic tension while tightening a threaded fastener.

Struers Labotom 5- Metallurgical Specimen Manual Cut-Off Saw- To accurately prepare metallographic specimens.

Struers CitoPress 5 Fastener Specimen Mounting Press- A powerful unit for hot-mounting specimens awaiting metallurgical examination.

Struers Tegramin 20 Semi-Automatic Grinder and Polisher- This device produces perfect and reproducible specimens for metallurgical inspection.

Atlas Copco DC Driver and Torque Arm- To accommodate a more expansive fastener size range.

Deform Simulation- This finite element analysis software allows our team to accurately simulate, analyze and optimize fastener and tooling designs in a virtual environment. This virtual environment expedites the prototype process before part manufacture.

We invite all assemblers and licensees to take advantage of our modernized lab capabilities to address new applications or assembly line issues you may be experiencing. Our team is here to help!