If your company is an authorized licensee of REMINC/CONTI, you may have access to our Electronic Confidential Technical Manuals and other electronic and physical Confidential Materials relating to the Licensed Products named in your license agreement. All this information allows you to manufacture our proprietary fasteners to our specifications and maintain required quality standards. Our Technical Manuals are initially assigned to a named individual in your company, someone that is charged with their maintenance and security. It is important that all our Confidential Technical Information be kept in a secure location or file and treated as “trade secret” material. It is critical to our program that the information contained therein is not disclosed to any unauthorized or unlicensed company or person. Disclosing same is not only a violation of your obligation as a licensee, but also a means by which counterfeiters can access this important information and data. Copies of any and all sheets in the manuals or in electronic formats should never be copied for or sent to unlicensed companies or persons for any reason. Our tooling licensees are, however, authorized to have such sheets, pages and drawings. Any unlicensed person or company is not! We request that you do your part to comply with the terms of our license agreement in order to strictly control access to the valuable intellectual property.