Occasionally genuine TRILOBULAR® or REMFORM® fasteners are related with look-alike copy products, typically when an assembler believes they can save on the cost of the fasteners. Making such a substitution is brought with potential problems, some of which are outlined below.

To begin with, on average, only 15% of the total cost of an assembly is attributed to faster cost. Most of the assembly cost, or 85% is typically comprised of preparing the hole, tapping, cleaning, applying locking compound, driving the screw, operator cost and overhead. Don't be misled to think cheap fasteners will necessarily cut your assembly cost.

There are distinct differences between a genuine product and a copy. All genuine TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® fasteners are produced by authorized REMINC licensees, utilizing confidential information, not available to non-licensed producers. This proprietary information is essential in terms of faster quality and performance. Our trademarked fasteners are produced in accordance with REMINC technical manuals, outlining all critical dimensions and specifications. REMINC licensees are pricy, not only to design specifications, but too application data, allowing them to propose the best design suited for an assembly application. Keep in mind every genuine TRILOBULAR® or REMFOM® faster is application-specific.

REMINC doesn't publish or share confidential information and technical know-how with anyone but licensees. Non-licensed manufacturers are ill prepared to approximate a genuine product. REMINC licensees procure their heading and tolling tools from authorized sources, guaranteeing all product will be made within specification. Non-licensed producers can only "reverse-engineer" and/or approximate tooling required to produce a particular faster design. Genuine products cannot be produced without this confidential know-how. In addition, REMINC staff provides on-site technical and manufacturing support upon request. We make every effort to ensure our. licensees produce fasteners that are within. our dimensional and performance specifications.

Our focus on quality extends to our systematic audit of our faster licensees. We regularly solicit and receive fastener samples from licensees' production lots. Samples are checked for all critical dimensions and hardness, then driven into nuts to check actual performance. Variations from specifications are reported and subsequent samples are required and inspected to be sure on-going production is 100% correct. Quality Conformance Certifications are sent. to licensees whose samples meet all technical specifications. This procedure provides assurance that all genuine TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® fastens, produced by licensees globally, will be uniform in design and ensure excellent, consistent performance on the assembly line. This comprehensive process assures the end-user assembler they will attain real cost by using genuine TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® fasteners!