Have Application Problem Questions?

Our technical staff is always available to assist licensees and end-users in determining the root cause of an assembly problem or choosing the proper fastener design for a prospective application.

Before contacting REMINC/CONTI, please review and answer as many of the following questions as possible. Doing so will expedite the process.

  • Fastener Type? (TAPTITE 2000®, TAPTITE 2000® SP™, etc.)
  • Fastener Source? If distributor – who is the manufacturer?
    • We will only work on quality problems with the manufacturer involved.
  • Fastener heat treat specification?
  • Fastener finish (specification)?
    1. Note- obtain a print, if possible
  • What is the rate of occurrence (5%, 50%, 2 screws out of 100, etc.)?
  • What is the engagement depth?
    1. If it is a through hole and the point protrudes past the end of the hole
      1. engagement depth is the material thickness less any hole entry feature depth (such as a countersink or counterbore).
    2. If a blind hole
      1. engagement depth is the fastener length less the laminate thickness and less hole entry feature depth.
  • What is assembly speed (rpm)? Is it a multi speed assembly?
  • What is the torque setting?
  • Hole type – drilled, cast, extruded, etc.?
  • Hole diameter?
    1. Include top and bottom diameters if a cast, cored hole.
  • Is this a new application or a long-running application?
    1. The fastener print may have an older date, but the application could be new.
    2. If an older application – has anything changed?
      1. Nut member
        1. Supplier
        2. Material type
        3. Finish or other
      2. Fastener
        1. Finish type
        2. Wax type
        3. Plating source for finish
        4. Heat treat source
    3. Is this lot specific?
      1. In other words, did switching to another lot solve the problem?

Please send us:

  • A few of the “failed” screws (2-6 pieces)
  • Screws from that lot for testing (at least 25 pieces, 50 is better)
  • If there is a good lot, screws from that lot too. (at least 25 pieces, 50 is better)

If possible, cross sections of the application to test in. We want at least 20 holes to test in. However, if that is not possible, or quickly possible, one unused set-up will allow us to evaluate the hole.

While there are many questions here, this information is required to solve the problem and increase our response time properly.

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