The Perfect Grounding Screw.

Ford Motors now uses the newest REMINC design, TAPTITE® PRO™ fasteners for electrical grounding applications in their range of vehicles.

Ford Motors recognizes the importance of reliable electrical grounding in vehicle performance. As such, Ford's own manufacturing standard WD957 specs only TAPTITE® PRO™ fasteners for use in electrical grounding applications.

TAPTITE® PRO™ fasteners tap their own threads directly in the nut member when installed, and this feature is perfectly suited to grounding applications.

Since TAPTITE® PRO™ fasteners tap their own threads, they inherently clear any debris, paint, or oxidation present in the hole prior to assembly. This insures a positive metal to metal contact even in painted or coated nut members. And clean contact is the key to insuring optimum electrical conductivity.

There is simply no better electrical grounding screw than a TAPTITE® PRO™ fastener.