Sliding doors were designed with a universal bracket system that required customized on-site assembly and adjustment by installer.

Since each install is unique, the door hanging bracket was designed with many holes to accommodate any number of installation scenarios. However, pre-tapping each hole on the bracket would make the part prohibitively expensive.

Further, conventional machine screws were causing cross-threading issues for installers, requiring more costs in bracket replacement and added installation time.


Use of TAPTITE® screws allowed for installation flexibility. Based on the job, the door installer could choose the appropriate holes in the universal bracket, and the TAPTITE® fasteners could easily self-tap only the holes needed.

Customer Benefit

Eliminating the need to pre-tap all the holes in the hanging bracket saved significant component costs. Since they form their own threads, the TAPTITE® fasteners also eliminated cross threading, making the overall installation process much more efficient.