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TAPTITE 2000® Screws and Bolts

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TAPTITE 2000® thread forming technology joins two unique concepts
and advances fastener performance to new levels.  TAPTITE 2000® fasteners afford end-users with enhanced opportunities to reduce the overall Cost of Assembly.

TAPTITE 2000® fasteners are designed to provide the benefits of prior TAPTITE® fastener products with an innovative new thread design - the Radius Profile™ Thread.  The proven TRILOBULAR™ principle is maintained with a dual lobularity in the screw body, while incorporating the Radius Profile™ Thread.   The result is TAPTITE 2000®, a new generation of TAPTITE® fasteners, which provide excellent mechanical assembly, and ergonomic characteristics surpassed by no other technology.

TAPTITE 2000® screws and bolts are available in both inch and metric sizes with head style to suit.

TAPTITE 2000® screws & bolts can be supplied with virtually any available fastener finish or coating.

Advantages of Radius Profile™ Thread and Dual Lobulation Design: 

Radius Profile™ Thread

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