Designed for the Demanding Plastic Applications of Today and Tomorrow

The REMFORM® II™ screw is a round-bodied thread forming fastener with a unique thread form to provide superior performance in today's wide range of plastics.  The asymmetrical thread minimizes radial hoop stress to reduce boss bursting.  The narrow tip angle also reduces stress in the plastic nut member.

The Unique Radius Flank™ Thread Form

REMFORM II threadREMFORM® II™ screws employ the Unique Radius Flank™ asymmetrical thread form shown in the drawing to the right.  The leading thread flank is most influential in forming the mating thread.  The intercepting radius form on the leading flank promotes efficient material displacement and material flow.  The pressure flank which opposes the fastener head, is engineered to resist pull-out forces, whether they be applied by a tensile load or induced by torque.  The steep pressure flank has a subtle radius designed to increase resistance to pullout and to efficiently develop tension.  It also provides excellent material contact resulting in a high resistance to internal threads stripping.  In applications where the failure mode is fastener fracture, the high torsional strength of REMFORM® II™ fasteners ensures a high failure torque.  This unique thread and its narrow tip angle efficiently displace material and therefore require minimal energy to form an internal thread.  The tip also utilizes a radius to better create the internal thread without increasing hoop stress in the plastic.

REMFORM® II™ Brochures